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Masquerave Spring Break Kickoff

Friday, March 25th from 10pm to 4am

at: The Quad (Spring4th Center)

For all of you dub-heads, ATL Dubstomp is bringing the nastiest night of wobbles and drops you ever heard. Over 1,500 people confirmed on facebook alone, with a sick lineup of in and out-of-towners, this is not an event to miss!

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In The Works

Progressive House Set

Look forward to an entrancing mix of silky smooth progressive house.


Suck My Sync vol. 1

Glitch Hop | Neuro Hop

The first mix in Akolyte's new "Suck My Sync" series, volume 1 showcases his favorites in new midtempo glitch hop. Sweeping back and forth between bass-heavy funk and ethereal melody, the mix was especially designed for flow artists.




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LIVE at Kassy's Birthday

Dubstep | Moombahcore | Electro House | Trapstyle

This live set recorded at Kassy's Birthday Blowout at Quad showcases Akolyte's mixing style for high-energy shows. Sweeping through multiple genres, Akolyte responds to the crowd, balancing energy and melody to keep the dance floor fresh.




I Dub Thee Glitchaton


It's been a long while since dm_Akolyte last released a mix, and a lot has changed! Moombahton has risen worldwide as the most electrifying genre of up-and-coming dance music, and dm_Akolyte stands as Atlanta's premiere moombahton specialist. Moombahton spreads in many directions, and of particular note is the offshoot popularized by such artists as Skrillex and Feed Me. There's no consensus on what to call this subgenre, but dm_Akolyte calls it Glitchaton.





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Mmmonster Kill

Electro • Breakbeat • Dubstep


This new mix is a more accurate depiction of dm_Akolyte's current mixing style. Bouncing back and forth between mean electro, dirty breakbeat and growling dubstep this mix brings some filthy tunes.





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Progressive House


With many of his previous mixes, when dm_Akolyte dropped a track, you knew it was going to be nasty. This time, each track is pure harmonically-mixed silk. The title holds an additional meaning in conveying the way the set was intended to be enjoyed: slack-jawed watching the incredibly gorgeous visuals of WinAmp's free MilkDrop plugin.




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